Mondrian Composer Tool

Mondrian Composer Tool

This Mondrian Composer tool is based on the Neo-Plasticist or De Stijl paintings of Dutch abstract artist Piet Mondrian. It was created to explore the geometry that occurs within rectilinear html websites.

As well as black or white paint-fills, this composer offers the colour addition palette of De Stijl (red/ yellow/ blue), plus green to make up the colour subtraction palette (red/ green/ blue). To compose ‘webpage’ layouts, it is also possible to fill spaces with image or text.

Try it for yourself…

Click in the box to draw horizontal and vertical lines. New lines are naturally perpendicular, so clicking nearest to a vertical line will create a horizontal line – and vice versa.

Press C to clear the canvas and use the keys below to switch between lines and fills:

L – draw lines   X – black   W – white   R – red   Y – yellow   B – blue   G – green   T – text   I – image


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